Who is Factor?

Adrian Brough is a strength & conditioning expert with over 25 years experience in physical preparation, injury management and athletic performance. He continues to prove his ability in keeping injuries to a minimum and athletic performance to a maximum by producing results that are unmatched.

Through decades of experience, Adrian has gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of elite athletic performance including training and recovery loading, injury prevention, rehabilitation, training for elite performance, fixing musculo-skeletal imbalances and much more. Adrian has worked with World Champions, Olympians, National Champions and many other elite athletes. This has lead to Adrian working with over 200 international level athletes across many different sports including football/soccer, rugby league, sailing, swimming, tennis, equestrian, track and field and includes people and athletes with disabilities.  These years of experience and his hands-on approach to developing athletes has allowed Adrian to develop workouts that are proven to reduce injuries and produce elite performance.

Some Impressive Results

In Australia in 2005, the national level rugby league team Newcastle Knights had a terrible start to the season and were losing every game (15) and amassing a huge injury toll. As the season progressed it only got worse as they lay last on the table and 26 of their 54 man squad had some kind of injury. Adrian was engaged to help rehabilitate the players and help get the team back on track. As Adrian began to return players to the playing squad, the Knights began winning and went on to win 8 from their last 11 games. The players began calling Adrian the X-Factor because they said he was the only thing that had changed in the club and the team went from losing to winning. Over the following two seasons Adrian was instrumental in reducing the games missed with injury from 246 to 54 with only 3 non-contact injuries for an entire season and only 1 game missed with groin injuries in 3 seasons. This is still the best injury record in the history of the club. The players and staff shortened the name from X-factor to factor and with such fond memories Adrian used the name for his software. 

In 2016 it happened all over again as Adrian was approached by a professional rugby league team in England. An iconic rugby league team the Bradford Bulls were languishing in 6th position on the table and again had a huge injury toll. When Adrian arrived they had 10 players out injured and 18 of the 30 man squad had pain on the adductor squeeze test. Adrian worked hands on for 3 weeks reducing the players with groin pain from 18 to 1. He implemented rehabilitation programs for the injured players, returning all but 2 players to field training in those 3 weeks and while working hands on for those 3 weeks not one single player missed a game with injury. The team went on to play in the championship final and won their first piece of silverware in 10 years. During that time the players affectionately named him The Wizard.

In 2018 Adrian was asked to help an U19 women football/soccer team who played in the U19W first division in Barcelona. Adrian´s role was to reduce the injuries and improve the teams physical performance and it would prove to be one of the most challenging roles of his career especially when considering that the U19W first division competition in Barcelona is probably the best U19W competition in the world (based on International and National results). Also many players had NO previous athletic preparation and came to the team with some horrific injuries. For example, one player previously had two grade 3 ankle sprains and an ACL reconstruction all to the same leg and had not played football for nearly 2 years. Another player had two ACL reconstructions, one to each leg which required 9 months rehabilitation each. While another player had an avulsion fracture to the quadriceps tendon (an avulsion fracture is where the tendon pulls off at the bone) requiring over 5 months rehabilitation and another player could not complete a game due to calf cramps along with other players having less severe injuries like planter fasciitis and achilles tendinitis. To add to the challenge some of the players were undertaking a sports course at university which required them to participate in various sports nearly every day of the week including 30km mountain bike rides, 15km hikes, games of rugby and more, therefore these players would arrive to training and games fatigued and exhausted. Annnd to increase the difficulty there was no team doctor and no team physio, simply Adrian, the Coach and the Assistant Coach. So how did he go? Well in the 2018-19 season only two games were missed with a muscle injury. That is from a squad of 17 players playing over 40 games in the season, one player missed two games with a muscle injury. Nine games were missed with contact injuries which included two knee sprains and a foot joint sprain so only 11 games missed all season and only 2 games missed from what is considered an avoidable injury. To give a perspective, that is 462 player games and only two games missed with a preventable injury.

Moving forward to a new season 2019-20 and Adrian was asked again to help with the athletic preparation for the U19W team in Barcelona U19 W first division and if you thought he couldn’t do any better than the previous season you were wrong. The 2019-20 season included 16 players for 34 games and 0 games missed with muscle injury. That is no players missed any games due to a muscle injury for an entire 34 game season. In fact only 4 games were missed due to injuries all season. 1 game for a sprain wrist, 1 game for a bruised foot and 2 games for an inflamed meniscus. 374 player games for zero missed games from muscle injury. The team was clearly the most athletic team in the competition.
How is that possible????

Adrian has been working with a football/soccer player in his live in program for many years now. The player has played at the highest level U19W in Barcelona for the past 4.5 seasons and is in the Australian National Football program. The player has missed only 3 games from muscle injuries in 13 years of football. Yes that is correct only 3 games missed from a muscle injury in 13 years of football and in the past 3.5 seasons playing in the best U19W competition in the world has not missed a game with a muscle injury or a contact injury. That is over 200 games in 4.5 seasons and has not missed a game with muscle injury and she has gradually progressed to the professional ranks.

That is why he has earned the extremely complimentary nicknames like “The Factor” and “The Wizard”

Adrian Brough holds Australia’s highest qualification in Strength and Conditioning (Level 3) along with a Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition and more then 20 years massage experience.  Adrian started with physical preparation in 1994 and successfully owned and operated his own fitness business for over 13 years and created a 1200 square metre rehabilitation medical centre.

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