Factor Sports Agency

Factor has dedicated decades to preparing athletes for elite sports and living the ups and downs along with the tireless hard work that it takes to become an elite athlete. With that in mind, in more recent times Factor has found a need for athletes to be promoted more vigorously for the benefit of the athlete.  It is not good enough that an athlete trains through blood sweat and tears while making countless sacrifices to achieve their goals only for an agent to be uninterested, not believing or not prepared to commit an equal effort to find opportunities for these athletes. Therefore Factor has decided to create their own player agency and collaborate with Level Playing Field Sports Agency to provide an agency that works as hard as the athletes to find elite level opportunities.

Pamela comes to factor with a wealth of experience having worked over 7 years in the very challenging area with modeling agencies. She brings with her a methodical and tenacious work ethic and a very focused dedication. She is a pleasure to work with and we are excited to be working with her.

Email: pamela@factorprep.com

Mauricio comes to Factor Sports Agency with a passion for football, a professional background in marketing and an unbelievable work ethic. His aim is to use his valuable attributes to work at elite level to gain our athletes opportunities that justify their skills, abilities and dedication.

Email: mauricio@factorprep.com

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