Elite Programs to create Elite Athletes

Adrian has over 25 years experience working with elite level athletes including professional, senior, junior and disabled athletes. During  these years he has achieved a long list of impressive results  and has also developed an unmatched record with injury prevention. Now you can access his programs in full detail.

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Proven Results

Adrian has a proven track record with outstanding results for over 25 years of working with elite athletes including elite junior athletes

Elite Programs

Factor programs are delivered via Factors world leading training application where the focus is on delivering the program in the best method possible

Details Matter

Adrian’s programs are detailed and thorough. Years of experience has taught him that the small details matter

The Factor

Factor was the nickname given to Adrian by the Newcastle Knights team after Adrian went in and helped them turn around their injury crisis and season. The nickname began as X-Factor and was quickly shortened to Factor. Since those years, Adrian has continued to refine his skills and produce results that are unmatched in the area of injury prevention and elite performance.  His experience in training athletes spans over 25 years and includes professional teams, world champions, national champions a world record holder and many more working across a variety of sports including the toughest sport in the world, rugby league but also swimming, sailing and over 20 years in football/soccer. Adrian has an unrivaled record for results. In his opinion, textbooks, videos, research articles and social media only count for something if you can achieve results. Results are what matters.

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